Choosing Warm Paint Colors For Living Room

Warm paint colors for living room is a perfect choice if you want to bring a cozy and comfortable feeling to your house. A few colors that create a warm atmosphere are reds, oranges, yellows, and neutrals. You might think orange and yellow is too bright for a wall paint. But, if you mix it with the right color, you’ll be fascinated by the impression. I have a few ideas of warm paint colors and which color to coordinate the furniture, accessories, and fabric on your living room.

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First, try soft yellow wall paint. Pick a bluish gray sofa with silver-orange cushions pattern. Also, add soft green furniture such as coffee table or end table and put an orange vases or lamp on it. If you have a book shelf, paint it with beige color. These combinations will give a fresh and warm look to your living room. Then, I will recommend a dark red warm paint colors for living room. Red is a dramatic color and you have to be careful to use it. You certainly don’t want a full dark red wall paint and furniture filled the room. Instead of warm, it will give you a heavy, melancholy, and uncomfortable feeling. So, you may want to only paint one wall of the room with this red wine color.

Combine a dark red paint with beige or cream paint on your wall. Harmonize it with purple painted furniture, and also cream sofa, chair, and rug. Add a tan brown or khaki small accent suck as knickknacks or flower vases, and cute flowery pattern with red and purple combination. However, dark neutral colors will allow you to mix and match wall paint and furniture. Shades of brown, gray, and white will give you a nice and warm atmosphere as you wish. Share your tips regarding warm paint colors for living room on the comment section below.

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