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July 11, 2018 Living Room Furniture

DIY Living Room Shelving Ideas

White Living Room Shelving Ideas

White Living Room Shelving Ideas

To turn empty walls into a good place to store and show off your things like books, pictures, artworks, you may need a living room shelving ideas. There are many different designs of living room shelving that all based on a simple angle bracket that every home needs. Shelving range units are usually designed to fit in convenient spaces like corners.

If you need to display your prized ornaments in the living rooms, you can use glass shelving for the living room shelving ideas. Glass shelving are one of the best idea for your living room. Shelves with concealed supports can be used to add a contemporary look in the living room.

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You do not have to worry if you have blank wall in your living room. You just need to apply some DIY shelf ideas to make the room looks more interesting. It is not so hard to do, practically, it is fairly simple. Here is some DIY shelving ideas of making a door shelf.

To make a door shelf, you need a door, circular saw, screw driver, screws, 13-90 degree metal L brackets, sand paper and door knob. The first thing that you have to do is use a circular saw to cut the door in a half. Then secure the two door pieces to be at a 90 degree angle using clamps and a helper.

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After that, screw in 5-90 degree metal brackets to the back to hold those two pieces together. Continue with cutting the 4 shelves out of the particle board to fit your door measurements. Then secure the shelves in place using 2-90 degree metal brackets under each one. Sand any rough edges with 200 grit sandpaper, then change the door knob, last, paint and distress the door.

This is how you can use your old door to be an unique shelving in the living room. Surprise your guest with an amazing shelving and inspire them to make one. There are still many ideas to make a DIY living room shelving ideas, let’s have a try.

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