Antique and Elegant French Country Living Room Ideas

Mar 17th

What do you think that will represent french country living room ideas? French country style is about combining the rustic and the elegant by playing up antique and earthy materials. From the explanation, I think you’ve got some idea of how you should mix and match the furnitures and decoration to get the french country look to your living room. Just like country style, the color schemes that you use should be neutral and cool tones. You can also add warmer colors like red or gold, but remember to always combine them with neutral colors.

Sofa and chairs with soft patterned fabrics define a french country living room ideas. Stripes or floral flanked by armchairs, with different kind of patterned throw pillows will give a harmonious look. Elegant brown draperies and a woven coffee table also create a strong french country sytle. Richly patterned rug and pillows that compliment the white slip covered chairs, unique bottles on the table and wooden carved mirror frame on the wall are another combinations that define this theme.

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Hunting some vintage wall arts is a challenging and fun thing to do. Hang an old figure painting, 1930 movie poster or advertisement, or a black and white french themed picture gallery will perfectly fit with the room ambience that you want to create. Fill your living room with timeworn pieces and distressed wood furnitures. A statue, vases, sideboard, drawers, wall shelves, old books, vintage lamp shades, and other similar items. Hang a candelier on a wood panelled ceiling is another great idea for architectural purpose and lighting treatment. Don’t forget to add flowers on the tables and drawers. Just combine a sophisticated and vintage elements to help carry the look in your living room. I hope you found a plenty of ideas from this article. Share your thoughts about french country living room ideas below!