How to Apply Grey Paint Colors for Living Room

Mar 31st

Grey paint colors for living room can make a simple look but still outstanding. If you know how to apply it correctly, I’m so sure you will make the best color theme for your living room.

For example, you can use grey paint color for wall and carpet. But don’t use grey color for furniture too, because it’s gonna be too much grey. If you use grey paint colors for living room, it doesn’t mean you have to use grey for the whole room including the furniture and items. So if you use grey color, consider to balance it with more bright colors to make it more outstanding. If you don’t like bright colors like yellow, orange or pink, you can pick old colors but don’t use darker color than grey. I mean, white and brown will make your living room look ordinary and it won’t make great or outstanding atmosphere. So, make sure you get the best decision about color combination.

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When you apply grey paint colors for wall, you can also add pattern motives to small items like pillows or tablecloth. Pattern can be used to make little unique spot in your whole room and these small items can steal attention of your visitors. Art paintings and accessories can help too. Make them  bigger and bolder. If you have framed prints or photos for your wall, go with a larger size than the standard 8 x 10 or 5 x 7 frames. Large art paintings or photo framed will make your grey wall become more colorful and wonderful. I’m so sure that’s what you really need.

So, do you get another creative ideas? Apply grey paint colors for living room is not only about color combination or another elements from accessories or items, but also your own creative ideas. If you have creative ideas about arrangement, space or unique decorative painting, it will help to make your whole living room much much more outstanding. So, don’t afraid to tell me, i wanna hear your best opinion!

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