Arrange Grey Living Room Painting Ideas

Dec 20th

Living room painting ideas arrangement is my thing. I think i’m obsessed with all home decorating like window treatment, do flooring decorating, set the lighting decorating even, i love to spend many hours accessorize the curtains, sofa, tables and the wallpapers. I think i always love the idea of doing some artistic elements to my living room. What about you?

This year i arrange grey living room painting ideas with my kids. When my husband far way from home because his busy job, i have so many time to spend decorating ideas. And i think it’s time to make fun decorating time with the kids. They curious so much about the living room decorating and arrangement. So here we are, doing some decorating experiment. I place the furniture sets in new position, meanwhile the kids accesorize and set the paintings on the wall. I love to do this mix and match activity especially when my husband can’t do anything to help me alone here. The kids is my new hero. They maybe can help me move the furniture sets in new position but they help me with their laughs and theirs cheerful moments when do cleaning and decorating the details.

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Lighting also one of the most important stuff for living room makeover. It will make the grey paint become brighter and better. I take so many ceiling lights and decor them in right position. I also bring wall sconces with different levels of light to make much more unique atmosphere. Lighting sets decoration will make my whole living room become much more wonderful and will make the lighting side totally better than before.

To make the room become much more perfect, i create romantic and sweet side by add some candles and photo frames. Ofcourse those photo frames are the pictures of my family and my kids. They’re such lovely person i really love so it’s a must to set some pictures of them on the wall or on the tables.

So, that’s my little story about do grey living room painting ideas decorating with my kids. What about you? What’s your creative ideas or story about living room decorating? I’d love to hear your opinion or experiences about it, guys!

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