Beautiful Living Room Wall Colors Ideas

Jan 23rd

living room wall colors keep changing every year. Unless you’re able to replace all of the furnitures every year, if you are currently making plans to decorate your new house, then I suggest you to purchase furnitures with neutral colors. Invest white, cream, ivory, and brown furnitures will cut your spending for a long time (keep in mind: buy a high quality and durable furnishings). This way, with the change of trend color schemes and your tastes, you’ll only need to change the wall paint, curtains, pillowcases, and other small accessories to get a new look.

Now, I want to give you several wall color ideas for living room. First, is a cute and nice combination between soft pink, blue turquoise, brown, and moss green. Paint all the walls with soft pink. It may sound like we are decorating a little girl’s bedroom, because pink always associated with feminine colors. But, with the right combination, we can create a sophisticated look. Choose a white comfortable sofa, brown armchair, wooden coffee table, floral turquoise curtains, light brown rug, and moss green small accent (throw pillows or wall art). This color scheme will brighten room will not look like a little girl’s bedroom at all.

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Next, I have a shades of green combination. This time, I’m going to suggest a green nature themed wallpaper on one side of the walls. Paint the rest of the walls with bright white. Choose a big cream sofa with shades of brown-cream-green throw pillows. Add wooden drawers, end table, and coffee table, and hang light green curtains. Last, paint a piece of furniture such as sideboard or bookshelves with a glossy and shiny dark green paint. This handsome piece will harmonize the lively and fresh living room color scheme. Do you have wall color ideas for living room? Let us know.