Best Country Style Living Room

Dec 14th

Country style living room are still favored by many people as their house theme. It’s because the atmosphere country style created is in accordance with the wishes of many people; peace, calm, relaxed, and comfortable. Country style is always associated with something simple, natural, and a strong nature atmosphere. Therefore, the key of this décor theme is to use simple and beautiful furnishings, with a cool or neutral color scheme.

Large flowers and leaves printed fabrics are really suited with country style living room. For a cohesive look, you can use the same fabric for upholstered sofa and pillowcases, or curtain and pillowcases. Just remember to use it for one or two areas of the living room. Using different patterned fabric for chairs and sofa will add a touch of traditional country theme as well. Besides floral fabric, display real or artificial flower on the end table or drawer. For something unusual, make an art project using twig and branch. You can get a plenty of DIY instructions from the craft blogs.

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There are several furnitures that define a country theme room. One of them is a wing armchair. This chair bring a classic feel to the room, and that’s exactly what we wanted. Furthermore, use a lot of wooden furnishings. Try to find a distressed wood of end tables, coffee table, bookshelf, drawer, and cabinet to give a natural look to the room. The older the age, the better. Complete the look with accessories such as unique vase, wooden carved mirror frame, embroidered pillowcases, vintage paintings, or bird nests. Just be creative in decorating the living room. Feel free to use up-to-date style to complement country theme. This is your living room, and determine the design according to your taste and convenience. I hope you will find a plenty of country style living room inspirations from this article. Don’t forget to share you thoughts and ideas on the comment section.