The Best Vintage Living Room Ideas

Mar 30th

Vintage living room ideas are about mix the old things with new stuffs. In these modern days, some people still love the classic style for their living room, though they still use the new furniture. They also add the vintage look with a simple, slip covered chair and vintage poster or paintings. They want to show the classic and old-school atmosphere but they don’t want to make the living room looks too old to be a meeting place for their visitors.

Vintage are items that are produced from the 1920’s to 1960’s. Vintage is also considered as retro. Not only become style for dress or fashion, vintage style for home design become the most favorite decision. Not only all about old furniture like wood-made chair or sofa, even a wonderful play of colors is also necessary to create the vintage look. Anyway, here the best vintage living room ideas i’m gonna share for you!

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Mostly, vintage sofa or armchairs are wood-made or leather (usually the colours are brown or dark red), so you can combine those furniture with modern table and glowing lamp. If you love to add more ”strange’’ and unique look, you can get accessory for your wall like fake deer head or old paintings of some royals or Indian tribes. Of course you don’t want visitors to feel afraid or worry, so add little colorful atmosphere from carpet or wall’s colours. You can choose light colours like orange, light red, blue or maybe play safe with white colour to make the best and well-matched vintage look of your living room.

The best vintage living room ideas also can be found from internet. Yes, don’t forget how much better our technology to make our lives become easier than before. Not only the living room ideas from website, you can buy many vintage furniture for your living room on internet. You don’t need to go to flea market or antique shop to find vintage furniture you wanna hunt. You just need to search more and more and sure you will find the best one. Good luck and don’t forget to share with us about your vintage ideas!

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