A Calm Blue Paint Colors for Living Room

Dec 15th

Blue paint colors for living room are usually used to create a peace, stability, calmness, confidence, tranquility, sincerity, affection, and also integrity feeling to the room. Before you choose the paint color for your home, first you have to understand of each color’s meaning. Not only colors, but also every decorations that you choose, will have a direct effect on how your environment supports you. So that you will be better equipped in order to create a happy and also healthy home.

Most people use blue paint colors for living room. A paint color’s brand, Dulux Paints, have made a global survey and found that about 42% of males and 30% of females choose blue to be their favorite color. The second is red and green, then followed by orange, brown, purple, and yellow.

Colors can help you to bring out the personality. Some people may not concern about the color paint of the room. Most of them may not know that the colors will affect and influence our mood and also thoughts. There are many ways that can colors use to affect people in the room, it depends on the age, gender, ethnic background and also local climate. A similar reaction will be obtained from most people by certain colors or groups of colors. So, this is why color is one of the most important part in the decoration ideas.

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Let’s go back to the blue. It is said to bring down the pressure of blood and slow respiration and heart rate. This is why, blue is connected with calming, relaxing, and serene feeling. Warmer blues such as bright blues, turquoise, or cerulean can be used to encourage relaxation in this social areas. If you use blue as the main color of the room, it will create a calming effect to the whole room. You can also choose a lighter blue paint colors for living room to give your family a calm effect.