Bright Wall Colors For Living Room

Dec 11th

Bright Wall colors for living room can be used to make the room feel comfortable and also inviting. You can start from evaluating the characteristics of the space before you choose the hues accordingly. The living room is a spot for hanging out each evening and a social space, so pick the color that will help you to increase the comfortable feeling.

There are some elements that is very important for you to consider before selecting the wall colors for living room. The loads of sunshine from windows, skylights, or French doors can help to bring the warmth to the room. If you are choosing the bright, or airy space color, then you will have the freedom to venture into saturated jewel tones, like a peacock blue, or concentrated earthy hues, such as slate gray. The room will light in spite of these rich colors and will be kept by the abundance of daylight.

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What about having a limited daylight and the living room is dark throughout the day? With this kind of situation, you can manufacture the light with sunny hues, for example ivory, butter yellow or conversely and play the color up the room’s coziness with embracing darker, muted tones, such as pumpkin or mocha.

Are you in love with your comfortable sofa or do you want to keep the painting of your grandmother’s barn, then your color palette will be defined by your furnishings. Try to find the clues in the sofa, does it upholstery have a pretty tan stripe? Or do you want to see more of the painting’s sky blue hue? You can use those color suggestions for the background surfaces of the living room, like the walls, fabric window curtain or even flooring. Then you can take those items to paint counter and get the matched wall colors for living room.