Brown Living Room Furniture Ideas

Dec 27th

Whether you live in a big city or the suburbs, brown living room furniture ideas are not likely ever wrong to do. If you take a walk in the furniture store you also must be aware of the number of brown furniture that are sold in stores. Because it can’t be denied brown furniture is a neutral color, safe and convenient for use in private homes. But how to make it not to be a dominant and monotone in your room? Too much brown color could make your room look lousy and far from convenient theme.

First, if your home using the parquet flooring which are generally brown wood colored, of course you have to pay attention more carefully if you want to fill a room with brown living room furniture ideas. With parquet wood colored flooring that has filled the room, try to cover the most part of floor with a lighter color rugs, for example you can use combination of white – orange rugs with a pattern of vertical lines or zig – zag.

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Second, if you use brown sofa, the coffee table with a lighter color could make a good combination for your sofa and use a gloved couch cushions with a colorful cushion sheets and different forms of cushions. Usually if you are buying a sofa you will also get a couch cushion, you can still use the cushion but replace the cushion sheets with a more attractive and contrast of the couch.

Third, if you use a brown color to paint your living room walls, cover most parts of the walls with paintings or family photographs. Make it more interesting by using different frame color and forms. What about the tips above? Sure it will avoid you from monotonous and boring brown furniture living room ideas.

This is the best style for you who have oldschool taste, because brown is the color of calmness.