Casual Orange Living Room Wall Decor

Dec 31st

living room wall decor with casual orange theme become the best solution for us, me and my husband. I always want to add this cheerful, sweet color to my living room, i wanna fresh atmosphere in this wonderful place. I believe that living room is the most important room in your home, it’s the first place your visitors will see, so you must to make the room become a very special place. Me and my husband don’t like the idea of simple look, we want a fresh, colorful one, so when the idea of casual orange theme comes, we totally agree to create it to our living room. The color is fun, isn’t it?

Before i use this orange color for living room wall decor, i ask information with so many people : our friends, family, home designers, even visitors about our plan to change the wall theme. We want to share the opinion, also we want to hear their comments, it’s so important to know what the others think about our plan and think clearly about the final decision. We also search ideas from internet and magazines. We mix the idea of the best furniture arrangement, create and add some patterns, mix with artistic paintings, we add some items with unique decorative too (for example we add mirror and wall candles with creative interior to make good spot in the living room).

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Finally, i hope you can get so many ideas from our experience. And because we’re married and we live in this home as couple, we talk and discuss much each other. Before you think to change your living room wall decor, the most important point is to talk with your husband or wife, i guess, so you guys will come with the best conclusion. By discussion and sharing each other is the best way for create the final idea but you can share with your husband/wife about your deepest thoughts to make the best living room makeover. Well, if you have good experience and story about wall decorating, you can also share it to us, not only with your couple. We will glad to hear many different stories about how to get the best wall decorating ideas for living room!