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April 29, 2024 Off

Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Estonia: why is it important for your business

By ryandoherty

Estonia, a country known for its innovative and progressive technological policies, offers unique business opportunities in the field of digital currencies. One of the key features that make Estonia attractive for the crypto business is the possibility of obtaining a cryptocurrency license.

Estonia was one of the first countries in Europe to start issuing official licenses for cryptocurrency transactions. This marked the beginning of the formation of a legally clear environment for working with digital assets.

Advantages of a cryptocurrency license in […]

December 5, 2022 Off

What is a mobile application architecture diagram?

By ryandoherty

The mobile application architecture diagram visually represents the elements and components of the application design. In fact, it answers the question “how”, which refers to the internal processes involved in creating a functional and effective mobile application. It is important that this type of diagram is developed as part of the initial application development process. It helps software developers and stakeholders visualize the purpose and creative process of creating the final product of a mobile application. It also helps teams […]

October 29, 2022 Off

AppsGeyser functionality, available for free:

By ryandoherty

In the “Promotion” section there is a built-in service for advertising your application (Russia is also supported). There is support for alternative stores.

The generated QR code will help you download the application quickly and easily. You can also place a special code on your site to notify your visitors that your site has an Android application.

Access to the most necessary functions can be obtained only after purchasing a paid subscription. Exactly:

Download the apk file and download the application to the […]