Celeb’s Recommendation about Simply Best Color for Living Room

Feb 8th

Best color for living room depends on our personal taste. Maybe you love blue, but your friend doesn’t like it at all. Or maybe i love pink but you think pink is a bad color. See? Color is all about our personal taste, so many ways to choose the best color for your recommendation. Now, celebs have so many favorite color they usually choose for their whole home decorating. Let’s see what’s the most favorite colors these celebs choose for their living rooms!

Based from actual home decorating reality show interview about his home, Robert Downey Jr. chooses green color as his Best color for living room. But it doesn’t mean Robert will make his whole living room become a full greeny place, he still consider the elegant and modern chic look as main theme for his living room. This movie actor believes green can useful as a color combination and mix it with another safe colors like white, black and grey.

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Different opinion come from a star of Gossip Girl series, Blake Lively. Blake love soft colors like white, grey, brown, beige. But she wants to add golden touch for her living room decorating. Blake loves elegant, luxury and super special atmosphere for the whole room. That’s why Blake will combine the soft colors with the bold and luxury colors like gold, red and shiny grey. Blake also do the lighting sets decorating because she believes the lighting decorating will add more point for the whole room.

Alicia Silverstone, a famous 90’s star makes a great recommendation by pick pink color as her favorite color. But this actress from Clueless doesn’t want to make a whole pink living room, she does the color combination decorating too and combine the pink color with white, grey and soft brown colors. Simply and chic look is the most important result for this beautiful and fabulous woman.

So, what about you, guys? Those celebs get their own opinion about the best color for living room. Do you have different opinion or ideas about color you wanna use for living room wall concept? Feel free to comment and share to us your great opinion about it! I’ll be glad to read all your stories and opinion!

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