How To Choose The Best Living Room Paint Colors

Apr 22nd

TheĀ best living room paint colors is very important to consider, since the color can create a mood in the room. It affects the room’s atmosphere, so you have to choose the best color to create the best design of the living room.

The living room’s purpose is also important for you to know before selecting the best living room paint colors. There are few tips that can be followed if you want to choose the right color for your living room’s wall. Here they are.

First, make the functions list that you need the living room to serve. Do you use the space for entertaining and making a lively conversation, or do you use it for relaxing and gathering the family? The colors you choose depend on how you will use the living room. Use a blue or tan family color if you choose a room to gather the family, or try to use yellow or red undertones if you mostly use the room for entertaining and have conversation.

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Second, think about the most dominant feature that cannot be changed. For example if you have an original stone fireplace that is important to maintain, you can choose the color that will enhance attractive room features or play down those that are less attractive in your living room.

Think about the overall design scheme and style. You may use neon green if you have a modern style of living room, but do not mix the green color with the room that is full of antique furniture and also traditional finishes.

Last, you can bring the paint samples to your home once you have narrowed the choices field. Start with painting large squares of poster board with your favorite colors and tape them to the living room walls. Move them around every few days and see how the different colors look as the light changes. Observing how the color looks will also help you to make a decision of the best living room paint colors.