How to Choose the Best Outdoor Living Room Furniture

Feb 12th

Outdoor living room furniture style is one of the best ways to make new atmosphere for your living room. I’m totally sure because i create this style for my living room. I love it so much and let me take you to hear my own personal experience about it!

Outdoor living room furniture set, actually, not too different with indoor furniture sets. But the only exception  is, you have to choose the best one, because you will set the position outside your home, so choose the best material. In my experience, i bought furniture sets with fabric material because there’s the best furniture material that will fit in with outdoor concept. Maybe you can get wood-made material furniture too, but if rain comes, the material will get wet and it’s so hard to make it dry. But actually, material doesn’t matter, anyway. You can stay away from rain problem by add large umbrella or make the extra rooftop outside the living room. But why you have to choose the best material, because usually you have to clean the whole furniture sets harder than indoor furniture sets. So pick the material with the best quality too.

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After get the best material, decide about colors. You wanna make colorful outside living room atmosphere? Simply and chic look? Country-look? Coastal theme? Or Spanish style? Feel free to create the most wonderful theme for your outside style, think about the best colors you wanna get. My recommendation is pick natural colors like white, green or grey. But if you want add pink or blue colors also good decision too, anyway, it’s all about personal taste and interest, right?

Now, decide the best furniture sets arrangement. I put all of the furniture at right angles, add some extra items like vase of flowers or carpet.  Just because i choose outside style for my living room, doesn’t mean i can’t make the whole makeover become a perfectly wonderful place, right? I want to make this outdoor living room become not only a formal meeting place but an entertaining room for myself, a place i can enjoy all alone or with my friends and family.

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So, what about you, guys? Do you have any experiences about living room makeover or outdoor living room furniture concept? Do you like outdoor concept or prefer indoor style? Please comment and share to us your great opinion about it! I’ll be glad to read all your stories and opinion!