Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Apr 21st

Contemporary living room ideas come in a varied options. When decorating a living room, the main thing is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Whatever the theme and style, home is where you can relax and spend time with family. This space is the most often used room by the whole family. Watching favorite TV shows, playing fun games, or just lounging on the large sofa. Built-in TV console and bookshelves are multi-functional addition for the living room. And then, complete the look with coffee table, end table, throw pillows, curtains, rugs, lighting, and artworks.

Choosing a bold color of wallpaper is one of the contemporary living room ideas. You can limit it to only one wall, and use the similar color texture for sofa, pillow covers, rug, and curtains. Two main colors and two accent colors will work in any room and theme. For example, choose soft pink and beige as your two main colors. Use these colors for wall paint, wallpaper, curtains, and sofa. Then choose light green and dark brown for armchair, table lamp, pillowcases, and other accessories. Combining stripes and floral pattern fabrics will also bring a fresh look to your room.

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Contemporary living room ideas can also combine two themes. This will create an eclectic look. Just pick furniture that doesn’t necessarily match  You can combining modern upholstered sofa with over sized floral patterned wing back chair. The chair create a strong feeling of country theme. You can also bring the vintage stuff on a modern living room. For example, hang an old figure painting above the modern leather sofa. Or, just place a vintage lampshade on a glass material side table. Contemporary style often plays off the color wheel. Bright yellow wall paint with blue accessories, or soft pink wall paint with bright green accessories are a few striking examples. Share your ideas regarding contemporary living room decoration on the comment section.