Cottage Style Living Room Furniture

Jan 24th

Cottage style living room furniture are used by homeowners to find ways to turn the traditionally formal space into a more comfortable and inviting room. They usually use the washable slipcovers, painted finishes, simple shapes, and a restrained palette to show how it is possible to pair a new relaxed attitude with some classic cottage elements. Because somewhere in the American home evolution, families deserted the living room at the front house in favor to make a conversational areas in and around the kitchen.

There are many cottage style living room furniture that can be applied to your home. For example a personalized built-in bookcases that lived-in charm to any living space. Leave space for banquette and create a place to hang treasured photographs. It would be very good for your cottage style living room. After that you can add throw pillows with solid color and also temporary punch of color that you can change when the seasons change.

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For the mirrors, you can do much more than reproduce the view. Mirrors can transfer the sunlight’s sparkle to the all corners of the room. If you have a small space of living room, you can expand the view and the light with a mirror that stretches from floor to ceiling. Place it behind an airy piece of furniture and see the mirror frame almost disappears.

Mixed the cottage style with modern furnishing to create an unexpected contrast to the living room. A vintage farm and French furniture that are combined with a modern settee will offer a welcome to your rustic stone backdrop of living room. What a surprising mix you can get to infuse the cottage freshness into a room.

You can also turn any window into a focal point and establish a color scheme for your window treatment. Pair the solid color fabrics with the pattern in a complementary hue. Cover the windows with curtain panels that provide the freshest look if the privacy or sun control is needed. With all of those tips, now you can choose the coolest cottage style living room furniture for sure.

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