Cottage Style Living Room Ideas

Dec 3rd

Alternative option when choosing a lodge while on vacation is staying at the cottage, what if you bring cottage style living room ideas into your home? Hotel is a top choice when we go on vacation, because it has compact model and is available with various facilities according to budget options. Hotel will be the right choice if you want a place to stay that is just to put bags and suitcases and spend leisure time strolling outside. But sometimes we want to enjoy a place where we could stay there for long, then we will choose the cottage. A cottage is designed in such a way that you will still feel at home with different styles according to the atmosphere at a holiday location. Occurred to bring the cottage style to your home? Why not?

Do you need an idea to do a cottage style living room ideas? A cottage is usually dominated by wooden material, either from the building itself to the furniture. Because it is destined for vacation will certainly not be a lot of ornaments that dominates the room, which you will see in the living room is a large furniture with coffee table and perhaps a furnace. All in all-minimalist design to reduce maintenance. Curtain is used usually long curtain beige, ivory, or floral motifs for a more feminine atmosphere .

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To evoke the atmosphere of a cottage, painting such as countryside view or coastal scenery can be one part of cottage style living room ideas. Do not be fooled by country style which is also dominated by wooden material, cottage style characterized by a simpler design with cooler colors. So, when you have cottage style in your living room, you and your family will have vacation atmosphere all year long. Don’t you get excited about it?