Country Living Room Colors: Brown and Yellow

Dec 25th

Country living room colors should represent the impression that you want to bring to your house. They must be comfortable, fresh, subdued, and breezy at the same time. Think about the nature colors and earthy things. Then you already have a good start. But, if you can’t decide what color scheme would you use for the living room, I’m going to give you some advices. I’ve been picking out my favorite colors. Brown has always been my favorite color. Although many people use this color to decorate their house, I still like it because it can be easily paired with any color. Brown also represent the “living room atmosphere” perfectly, which is why I love it.

Now, how to use brown as country living room colors without it become boring and unattractive? The answer is simple. Add vibrant color to make the room feel more cheerful and lively. This time, I’ll go with yellow. Yellow is one of the amazing natural colors to be used in a living room palette. Yellow always reminds me of summer time where there is no time to feel gloomy and depressed. I think this is the perfect warm color to be paired with brown.

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Purchase a brown sofa is the easiest step to bring the cozy feeling to the living room. The presence will make you immediately sit or lie on it after a long day of work. Since we want to make the seat as comfy as possible, fill the couch with a plenty of pillows in the shades of yellow, brown and white. Paint the walls with light yellow or cream, hang a floral patterned yellow curtains, place painted wooden tables, shelves, and a jute rug. Last, fill the room with beautiful and colorful flowers to light up the room. I hope you will find inspiration about country living room colors from this article.