Country Style Living Room Ideas

Jan 3rd

This time, I want to give you several country style living room ideas to beautify your house. Country style is a decorating theme that basically gives you a nice, cozy, and homey feeling. Many people use this theme because it’s not so hard to harmonize the wall paint, furniture style, and the color scheme to get the country style look. The most important thing is you have to use a warm and natural color tone such as soft green, classic blue, white, and cream.

  You can choose large prints for upholstery, cushion cover and curtains fabric. Floral print is one of the characteristics of country style living room ideas. Stripes are also define the style, but don’t mix stripes and floral at the same time. Choose one large print fabric, and limit them to just two areas of the room. For example, if you use green floral pattern sofa and curtain, match it with white or brown tone chair. Also, combine the floral pattern and plain color for pillows. It will give you a balance look.

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Wood materials are also another characteristic of country style living room ideas. The purpose is to bring a rustic feel to the room. So, wood panelled walls and ceiling, rattan chair and sofa, or distressed wood coffee table are match perfectly with the theme. You don’t have to use all of those. Remember that you can always mix and match the style with modern look. Another idea of country style look is a built-in bench. This is a comfortable seating area that you can establish next to a book shelf and window. Can you imagine how nice it is to sit there, take a sip of coffee while you’re reading a book? This is exactly the purpose of country style living room. To create a comfort and relaxed atmosphere to you and your family. What do you think? Share your ideas on the comment section below.