Dark and Light Brown Curtains for Living Room

Apr 15th

brown curtains with design are often paired with brown sofa. Match the color and pattern of sofas and curtains is the easiest way to create a harmony. But, you have to be careful to use dark colors because they tend to put the squeeze of the space. Especially if you have a small living room, dark color scheme will make the room look smaller. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use dark colors at all. You can purchase sofa or chair with dark brown, dark red, or black color, but remember to mix them with cool tones.

Light blue is one the best cool tones that you can use to paint the walls if you want to set brown curtains for living room. Add brown sofa and rattan chair with blue-brown cushion covers will give the room a balance look. You can also combine brown curtain and sofa with light green or bluish gray wall paint. Paint the entire walls with one cool color, or paint only one side of the wall as a feature wall and paint the remaining walls off white or cream is a good combination. White and cool colors will reflect the light and the room will automatically look bigger. You may wish to hang several mirrors on the living room that can help light flow throughout the small space.

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Light brown curtains for living room will be easier to mix with any color of sofas and furniture because it’s a neutral color. Green sofas and wall paint, cream chair, wood coffee table, and brown rug can give a wonderful palette to your living room. Use the same floral prints fabric for sofa and curtains is really nice if you want to have a country style look. But if you want to have an elegant look, you can use a dark brown curtain and combine it with cool tones of wall paint and furnishings as I mentioned earlier. What do you think?