Decorating Kitchen Living Room Combo Ideas

Apr 10th

Creating kitchen living room combo is the most useful ways to maximize the small space of your home. With the kitchen combined together with living room, it is recognized to be used in certain times, which creates lots of idle time for the particular time.

The usage time of space increases dramatically with kitchen living room combo. This combining 2 functions concept is particularly useful for small houses as it means that one common space can be used for multiple functions. It is unnecessary to have the necessary floor space to cater to all functions at once.

There are many ideas of combining living room with kitchen together in the same room. First, how to combine living room, kitchen, and dining table all together. With this idea, the dining table has a function to separate the small space into living room and kitchen. It is a clever concept because the dining table itself will take up a minimal space as it is built on the same space as a wall that has been knocked down.

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Second, combining the living room and kitchen together along the same wall. The living room and kitchen can be created from the one room by adding a small divider. It is a simple but doable concept. So if you want to take out the divider so it can separate the kitchen and the living room, it is actually a single space along the same wall.

The third one is more interesting because not only the kitchen and the living room are combined together, but also the bedroom. To make this kind of room, you can use the room’s high ceiling as an advantage and create a loft bedroom on the top of the kitchen. Then, you can use the remaining space as a living room without have to worry where to place the bed. Those are some innovative concept forĀ  without have to worry where to place the bed. Those are some innovative concept for kitchen living room combo decorations.

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