Decorating Your Living Room Walls

Apr 10th

Decorating your living room walls can be confusing. After selecting a theme, color scheme, and furnishings, blank walls are your next task. It can be fun or unpleasant thing to do. You choose. Just imagine you have a very large canvas that needs to be filled with the most beautiful painting you ever created. Living room is a place to entertain your guests and friends. So, make sure you make something really beautiful and can be proud of.

I got this beautiful idea from Decorating your living room could be really exciting if you decide to make this wall art. This wall art allow you to display your favorite quote or song lyrics on the living room wall. First, you need a cheap painting or print you aren’t really like (you’ll know why later). Then, prepare vinyl letters and a white paint. You can use a paint with any other colors, just choose your favorite color if you want. Then, arrange the vinyl letters to form words or quote on the painting. Design it as you want. You can arrange the letters exactly in the middle, or align them to the left or right, whatever. Just don’t forget to create space between letters.

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Stick the letters on the painting, cover the entire painting with the white paint. Yes, the entire (now you know why you should pick the one that you don’t really like). Let it dry. And then peel the letters off carefully. Voila! You have your very own wall art! Easy, isn’t it? Hang it on your living room wall, or just put it on the shelf between the photo frames. You can also use old magazine paper, newspaper, or music sheet paper attached on a styrofoam, instead of a painting. Share your thoughts and ideas to decorating your living room on the comments section.