Deep Purple Living Room Drapes

Dec 24th

Living room drapes with purple color, anyone? They say purple is a deep color, so that’s why the famous band in 80’s named their band as Deep Purple. Purple is deep, sweet, sentimental and a combination of little bit feminine, masculine and simple look.

Usually not many people want to add purple living room drapes as their color choice for curtain drapes, especially if they think curtain drapes with bright colors like white, golden or yellow are better than the purple color one.

But who cares? If you want to apply those purple curtain drapes, you don’t have to think about what people use mostly. You can choose the purple color and make a different view for your whole living room. If you love lavender or olive flowers, I’m so sure you will love this color. It will bring the sweet charm and create a warm feeling when you pick as your curtain drapes.

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Because purple color is one of the dark colors, to make the whole living room look a little bit shiny, you can do the lighting sets decorating. Choose the best ceiling lights, apply wall lamps, table lamps, or if you want more romantic and sweet atmosphere, you can make candles on every night comes.  For special event, you can use these candles and make the visitors feel elegant and romantic nuances about it. It will help much, I’m guarantee it!

Not only for candles and more lighting sets decorating, you can combine the purple curtains with the best furniture sets. To make the living room looks bright and good, you can choose furniture sets with brighter color than the color of curtain drapes. Considering about white, cream or light brown. Don’t use furniture sets with darker color than the purple curtains, for example don’t use black or dark brown. It will make the whole living room look very dark. Playing with color combination is the most important rule you have to do if you want to get the whole better living room. So, consider the best color sets and placement, guys.

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So, that’s my little tips for you. Do you have any experience or story about choose the best living room curtain drapes with your favorite color? Don’t hesitate to tell me because I will be happy to read your good story and comments. About purple color, do you have interest to use this color? Let’s make deep purple theme become your curtain drapes theme!