Determine the Color for Living Room Walls

Jan 10th

Choosing the color for living room walls is not an easy thing to do. The options are almost infinite and they can make you feel so confused. In the end you might choose neutral colors that have been used by a lot of people, it will certainly be easier for you to determine furniture and fabrics that you’re going to use to fill your living room. Neutral colors never fail to bring warm and comfortable impression to your home. But, there are a plenty of shades of neutral colors that are rarely used by people. With a few changes, the living room will look as if it had been decorated by professional designer.

The easiest step to determine the paint color for living room walls is by selecting one of the shades of brown, shades of white, or shades of gray. These colors will instantly bring comfortable atmosphere. But, rather than choosing ordinary shade, you can opt for shade that have a combination of other color. For example, instead of gray, choose grayish blue, grayish green, or grayish purple. You can paint the ceiling with cream or white paint, and choose cream upholstered sofa to soften the wall color.

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Next, if you choose grayish blue for the wall paint, purchase blue accent chair, curtains, and throw pillows. This will give the room a cohesive and sophisticated look. The same thing applies to the brown color. Instead of choosing ordinary brown, try to use beige, pale yellow-brown, khaki, rosy brown, or tan. And if you are a fan of white color, there are many options for you other than pure white. There are white smoke (pale gray-white), ivory, cream, corn silk, seashell, or vanilla. So, have you decided the right paint color for living room walls? Don’t forget to share your favorites on the comments section!