An Easy Way To Make A Simple Living Room Ideas

Apr 19th

Simple living room ideas are very easy to do. If you are thinking of redecorate the old living room and add a drama to this room with a simple way, there is a quick and easy technique that you can do to your living room.

First of all, to make a simple living room ideas, you can start from paint the room with a fresh color and put a solid colored sofa into the living room. After that, give a touch to your living room wall by painting a large, but small geometric on the wall. For example, to add a focal point and visual statement to the room, use a big square which is about 4 inch by 4 inch or 3 inch by 3 inch in an accent color above the living room sofa or on the opposite wall. If you do not like a square, then you can make a circle and let it add a movement to your design, although it might hard to execute.

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After that you can pick about 5-7 small picture frames. You can use the frames with mirrors inside it or even family photos inside. Then, paint the picture frames with the original wall color. Group the frames inside the square and it will tie in the original wall color and make a cohesive grouping framed by the square. Change the frames with any other collection that you already have and can be hung on the wall, if you do not want to use frames. It could be posters, plates, or anything.

To add another cohesive element to your living room design, create new pillows that incorporate with the walls color, the biggest piece of furniture’s color such as your sofa, and also the painted square’s color. Make a stripes, geometrics, or trim pillows and put them on the sofa. You can also add one big area rug that can blend with the square or accent color and also the wall to make a simple living room ideas.

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