Enjoying the Green Curtains for Living Room

Jan 5th

I don’t have any particular reason why i chose green curtains for living room. I just thought that it will be suited with the windows, the furnitures, and all the things that i had in there. It was like an intuition or a glimps of feeling that come out of nowhere, but you really believed that it will works. And it does works. The green curtains sure does make my living room more peaceful and wonderful.

Sometimes we need changes in our live. People get bored and that is why there is an option to move on, to improve, climb into another stages in live, to redecorate or renovate things. Particularly in the living room where we spend most of the time in the house together. Yesterday you maybe like the brown color, but if tomorrow you chose the yellow one doesn’t mean that you are inconsistent. It just that people grow. When I first move into this house I never imagined that someday I will be using the green curtains for living room. I’m not fond with the color. But who have thoughted that several years later I treat the window with it instead.

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Now I’m not just fond of the green curtains, but I loved it. That is why people often said that we had to be carefull for what we said. We never know what is going to happen. Sometimes we think that we know but the truth is we only had a little insight of who we are. The best way to describe what i’ve been is like a song that sung by Justin Beiber recently, it is never say never. Do you had a similiar experience in your life?

I don’t know for how long that the curtains will hanging on the window. I don’t really think about it. But when the time is come to change it then it means the time has come. It means that I still a human being that constantly growing. In the meantime I will enjoy my time with my green curtains for living room. Don’t you think that is what life is all about?

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