The Exquisite of Pottery Barn Living Room Ideas

Mar 25th

Have you ever check out the Pottery Barn living room ideas? If you are planning to decorate your new house, change the wall paint, rearrange the furniture, or add a vintage accessories to get a completely different theme, then this is a good place to start. Pottery Barn is a design company that provides comfort, stylish, and durable home furnishings. You can find any furniture that you needed. Sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, rugs, curtains, lighting accessories, chandeliers, and so on. Not only for decorating living room purpose, you can also shop the furniture for dining room, kitchen, and bed room. So basically they give you a one-stop design store that will help you beautify your house.

On the Pottery Barn site, you can get a plenty of inspirations from the Pottery Barn living room ideas. Yes, not only sells home furnishings, they also provide exclusive pages contain room ideas picture gallery. You can even filter the pictures based on the tones (warm, cool, and neutral), and based on the room style (American Classic, Mediterranean, Cottage, Global Chic, Rustic Lodge, etc.). By clicking the picture, you can see the explanation of decoration style from the experts. They also explain each of the furniture contained on the picture which linked to the shop.

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For example, if you want a contemporary and vintage style living room, they’ll give you advice to make your wish come true. You can purchase a comfortable slip covered sofa with neutral color, and add warm tone pillows. For the rustic feel, you can add a distressed-leather arm chairs and a wood trunk to be used as coffee table. And guess what, they even sell the vintage trunk! I mean, you don’t need to bother to go to a thrift shop and such. The Pottery Barn living room ideas not only give you the inspirations, but also give you an easy way to find rare items that are hard to find. What do you think? Share your thoughts about Pottery Barn on the comment section.