Family Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Jan 17th

Living room wall art ideas is a fun thing you can do with your family. Since living room is where you spend your time with the whole family, why not make something that shows your togetherness with family? This room can serve as a gallery where you can show off and display things that you love. So, the walls not only serve as backdrops for the furnitures, but also decorating elements that can show the creativity, personality, togetherness the whole family. This time, I will give you a few of family wall art ideas.  First, is a handprint art project. You can take a black or white large papers, and then paint every family member’s hand. Use white paint if you use black paper, or colorful paint if you use white paper. Children are definitely prefer the colorful paint. They also can paint the fingers and palm of the hand with different colors. Black paper with white paint would be suitable for the elegant living room. Next, place their painted hand on the paper. Write every family member’s name and age newt to the handprint with crayon, marker, or chalk. Last, frame one of this living room wall art ideas with unique frame.

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The next project is a scrabble tile family names art. If your family likes to play scrabble, maybe this is one of the living room wall art ideas that suitable for your home. This project may be a bit difficult to make, but the amazing result makes it worth a try. Use wooden blocks to be used as the scrabble tiles. Cut the wood with the thickness at ¾ of an inch, and 4 x 4 inch length and width. And then, sand down and clean up the edge. Use the vinyl lettering on each tile to form the name of each member of the family. Be sure to arrange the names on paper to figure out the layout of these names (just like scrabble game). What do you think about these wall art ideas? Let us know!