Feng Shui Living Room Furniture Placement

Feb 7th

Feng Shui Living room furniture placement is a very important thing to find out because it will affect your daily activity. A room can feel narrow or too spacious if we do not know the right way to arrange the furnitures in the living room or any other room. The most important thing you should know is the measurement of your living room. Then use a tape measure to measure the space where you are planning on placing the furniture. Take a note. This way, you can determine the scale of the sofa, coffee table, end table, or any other furniture on your living room. Don’t forget to measure the dimention of the entrance and doorways. Make sure it’s large enough to bring in the furniture.

Purchase diferent height, depth and width of furnitures will bring a perfect balance of the room. Feng Shui living room furniture placement will be easier to arrange if you use a different furnishings size. Purchase sofas and chairs with the same size and dimension will make the room feel boring. If you have a large space, move the sofa and chairs away from walls. It will bring an intimate atmosphere. Don’t forget to give some space between the couch, chair, and tables for a walking space.

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Placing the biggest furniture, usually sofa, will ease you to arrange the rest of the furnitures. Placing the biggest couch againts the longest wall, two end tables on either side of the couch, and a painting above the couch will be perfect. The right feng shui living room furniture placement will create a nice atmosphere and harmony. There are so many people want to make a change placement on their living room, but sadly it doesn’t make any difference because they don’t know the right way to do it. The living room is still not comfortable for them. I hope this article will help you to arrange the furnishings on your living room. Share your own solutions on the column below.