Finding Sofas for Small Living Room

Jan 15th

This couple of days I tried to find sofas for small living room. It was not for mine but it was for my brother apartment. He ask for me a favor to find it. Because he said that around the campus where he work there aren’t any place to search for. Yes, he said he can browse it on the internet but it sure easier for him to ask me for a help. It includes bought it and bring it over to his place. Well, it wasn’t a big problem for me. I like searching things and on the other hand i will had chance to see my brother. Eventhough the campus quite not far away, just two hours of driving, but yet there had to be a good reason for me or for him to stop over. And this sofas that he was looking for might be that particular reason.

My brother told me that his living room was quite small. So he intended to got a small sofas. He e-mail me the image of his living room and also the exact size of it. In the end of his e-mail he said that he don’t have any particular desire in color or style or shape or whatever with the sofas. He just needed it and believe me with the rest. I guess his quite busy nowadays. This new job are really taking a lot of his time. But I’m happy if his happy. And I also want to make him happy with my choice of sofas for small living room.

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I bought a grey modern style of sofas for small living room  that would be perfect in his apartment. I just know that he’s going to like it. My choice was base on a question, if he had time to pick the sofas by himself what kind of sofas that we’ll be. I can’t wait to see him. I hate to admited it but i kind of miss my brother. Thank God he was asking me for a favor.