The Girls of Living Room Furniture Leather

Feb 26th

My dear old friend Amy said if she had money she wanted a living room furniture leather. It will be covered in a dark brown color. She wanted in that particular color because, opposite with the furniture, all of her stuff in the living room has a bright color. So the dark and the lighter color will emerged into something beautiful. I’m quite impressed with her understanding. Because usually all the other women i know wanted a certain of color in unity. If the sofa is white so does the wall, the frames, the vase, and everything. But she replied to me that i was hanging around with a wrong kind of girls.

It’s been a while since Amy and I never met. Not untill this afternoon when we suddenly meet on a cafe. She told me that she is having a very late lunch, because a meeting with a client can sometime be so prolonged. And she had no plans afterward. So without any doubt I ask her to join with me for hunting a living room furniture leather. She said why not.

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In Amy i see a strong kind of woman. An independent free minded kind of person. I don’t know where is that come from. But since we were schoolfriends I dont’ have a doubt that someday she will be succesful. I told her that and she will keep in mind if later she think she is succesful. By this time she is still struggling with her career. She tease me that the succesful woman around here is only me. It’s me, she said, who wanted to buy a furniture. Then i show her my credit card to bought the furniture. I said if I’m succesful I wouldn’t using this.

Oh, what a wonderful feeling meet someone you really know a long time ago. I do believe that friends are forever. But sometimes we are too busy with our own life. By the way I invite Amy to come over to test the living room furniture leather that we bought together. Can’t wait to have her around again.

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