Good Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Mar 14th

There are some wall decor ideas for living room if you want to decorate your home with a small budget. To make the room looks more interesting, you can put lots of frames on the living room’s wall. Where can you find those frames? Try to visit your local thrift shop and pick some cheap frames and mirrors of assorted size and also shapes.

Use remnants that can be found in the thrift store or local fabric shop or even raid your own rag bag. Edge the frames with fringe, braid, or pompom remnants. The mirror would look great with the lace on the old shirt that had a hole in it. You can use any remnants to apply the wall decor ideas for living room.

If you do not have a painting or photo to display in the frame, try to use paper. Use some remnant wallpaper or a saved piece of wrapping paper, a fabric remnant that has a striking geometric print or a colorful place mat cut to size to put in the frame to replace the photo or the painting.

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To make the wall looks more interesting, you can check out your kids room or go to the local thrift shop again and find some chalkboards. Bring back home some assorted chalkboards and arrange them on the living room’s wall. You can use them to display your kids messages, or artwork, and change them weekly with the new messages or artwork.

 Have no idea what to put in the frames? You simply can just paint the wall. Paint the wall in coordination colors, and hang the frames empty in groups on the wall. Frame the bad patch and pretend the blemish was intentional will also make the decoration looks funny.

Use your imagination and creativity to create an interesting yet comfortable living room. With all those ideas, you can also spend not so much money to get a good wall decor ideas for living room.