Gray Furniture Living Room Ideas

Dec 9th

Gray furniture living room is also known as the new brown. Nowadays, the trend color design business has changed toward gray, where previously Brown has been the color that go to neutral. Now, it might be very hard to find a brown leather couch in any shelter magazine, and you’ll find so many gray furniture.

Start to understand the gray color that you have before you choose the gray furniture living room mixture. Since the gray color is a little bit like a chameleon, so it can appear as one of three colors.

Create an analogous color scheme by choosing a color to the right or even left of the base color the color wheel. The complementary color to your basic color will help you to choose a color scheme. What about the gray color? Basically, gray has one of three undertones, such as green, blue, or purple. They create a gray become cool color because those three colors come from the cool side of the color wheel.

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The base color, the complementary and analogous colors are determined by the gray’s undertone. Try to compare the paint sample to the green, blue, and purple’s samples from the color wheel to determine the undertone. After that, you will see that one of the three colors will appear and match to your gray better than the other two, then that is your undertone.

Since most windows typically facing the north or east and bring cool light into the room, and a warm color scheme will help the room become warmer, so it is very important to homeowners to know the direction toward which your room is oriented. The face west or south window’s room, tend to have a warmer feeling, and to bring the room into balance, you can use a cool color scheme to the furniture.

If you want a warm color scheme to your living room, you can use the complementary colors of the undertone. Peach might work with the blue-gray, and red works with green-gray, try to mixture the gray furniture living room to create the living room color scheme just like what you want.

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