Creating mobile applications — what is important to consider in the current conditions?

Creating mobile applications — what is important to consider in the current conditions?

December 2, 2022 Off By ryandoherty

Mobile applications today help companies automate processes, simplify the work of employees and partners, attract customers and increase sales.

But how can a business optimize the costs of their creation in the current conditions? Rinat Shamshutdinov, Head of the mobile development department of the IT company SimbirSoft, talks about possible application implementation options.

According to RBC Research, in 2021, 74% of respondents made online purchases via a smartphone: while in 2020, only 59% spoke about it.

Today, more and more goods and services that consumers are ready to purchase are focused online — on marketplaces and in individual mobile applications. In addition, the companies maintain a course on the development and management of corporate mobility, automation of production and business processes.

Realizing the effectiveness of these channels, the business does not plan to abandon such solutions, but is looking for different options for their implementation, including due to the risks associated with sanctions.

7 ways to implement mobile applications for business

Let’s look at several ways to create mobile applications, their capabilities and limitations, as well as for which tasks and which business can be suitable.

No. 1. 1C Mobile and Bitrix Mobile platforms


To create cross-platform mobile solutions for iOS and Android to automate business processes and other internal tasks of the company. For example, an application for conducting security checks and equipment diagnostics.

Companies whose work is based on 1C or 1C-Bitrix system products.