Ideas of Window Treatments for Living Rooms

Mar 28th

Window treatments for living rooms is something that needs to be carefully considered. If you choose correctly, then curtains can bring a beautiful art presence while serve its functions to give you privacy and also to control the light and glare from outside the window. Curtain is the one of the accessories that draws attention of many people who step in the room, besides wall arts, paintings, or photos. Hence, selecting the right fabric, color, and length, must be very carefully done to create the room atmosphere you want.

There are several tricks you can do to choose the perfect window treatments for living rooms. Pick a treatment that suits the proportions of the room. You may be having trouble selecting off-the-shelf curtain that truly match the size of your window and your desires. If so, a custom treatment may be the solution you need. This way, you can contumize the dimensions to your window size, and you can also pick the material, color, and pattern of the curtain according to your taste. Custom treatment also gives you the opportunity to have a living room with harmonized and cohesive look. For example, you can use the same color and pattern that you use for window treatment and pillowcases. This is definitely going to attract the attention of your guests.

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You can create an elegant look to the room by hanging the window treatments for living rooms higher than the window and add a few inches to the length. This floor length curtain will give a sense of height to your living room and also a dramatic look. For finishing touches, play up with accessories. Add several details like beads, rings, pole, finial, hold-backs, and DIY tie-backs, will totally change the look of your window treatment. What do you think? Please share your ideas about window treatments on the comment section below.