Interior Decorating Living Room

Feb 3rd

Are you planning to change your interior decorating living room? No need to make changes to the extreme level and high cost to do so if you read the tips and tricks in this article. Does making changes to your living room means having to replace furniture and painting the walls? If it does, then of course you would require unlikely a small cost. You can just let the old furniture and the color of your current wall paint, but changing things like the following below.

To get warmer look with stylish and young impression, content your interior decorating living room with red accessories. Starting from table lamps, pillowcases, small sculptures and paintings with a predominance of red color. For cooler themes and neutral living room you can use aqua colors like sky blue and navy blue. These combination of two blue color can give the impression of chic and cool but not monotonous. Especially if you use a carpet with a blue and white pattern, may impress you like an atmosphere of the beach, white sand and blue alloy sea.

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Underused color is purple. Purple can give a theme like spring flowers in the garden of lavender. Choose soft colors such as purple on lilacs and lavender. Those three themes color on top, either red, blue or purple is perfect for the room with white or beige walls. However, if the changes you want to do is the opposite of changing the color of the walls, avoid this three common mistakes made ​​when choosing wall paint.

First, plan in advance what exactly the theme of your interior decorating living room, so that paint does not collide with the contents of the room. Try to mix with the paint on the walls of another room, if too much contrast balance it with colored items to combine. And remember, your personal favorite colors are not necessarily suited to be a priority of interior decoration.