Lighting Ideas for Living Rooms

Jan 28th

There are many lighting ideas for living rooms to transform a dark room with the right lighting, and also create a cozy ambience in your living room. There are many reasons why you have to make a good lighting in your home. It will make a spacious, clean, and welcoming home. Sometimes, we might not realize how bad the lighting in our home until we had headaches, sore eyes, and also frustration because we are not able to see anything clearly.

So, there are some lighting ideas for living rooms that you should try in your home. Making a natural light might be a good idea for your living room. Natural light is a fantastic asset to any home, you can set the light quality, depends on your room’s aspect. For example, if your home is facing the south, you will have a warm light all day. The midday sun is usually shines bright so it flattens everything out. It is a good choice to put your living room face to the south so you can spend a lot of time in that room.

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Create the moodin Living room

Besides the lighting, color is also important to create the mood you want in the living room. Energetic, relaxing, or even formal. All you have to do is to work with the room’s orientation and pick the right color tone.

For south-facing living rooms, choose the color that will bring a naturally warm feeling such as reds, oranges, yellows. Or you can also choose the naturally cooler such as green, blue, or violet. The sunshine pouring in colors might look dazzling, so you have to be aware, and you might to lay off the pure whites, and considering the brightening up effect that already warm shades. With the color scheme like this, your living room will bring an energetic mood.

Now, with the flexible lighting scheme, everyone can create the different space’s illusion for different activities. To make a good lighting in your living room, you can learn from the lighting ideas for living rooms.