Living Room Curtains with Valance

Dec 8th

What I remember the most about my grandmother house is the living room curtains with valance. The window treatment was old fashioned but at the time she decorated it I’m pretty sure it was the latest trend. But style easily goes out of date. Nevertheless my grandmother liked the curtain and the valance quite much. She said she keep it because she don’t want to loose the feeling when the first time it was installed in her living room. It was a birthday present form my grandfather. So the curtain and the valance are a remiscince of him, and it is also for me as a reminder of my grandmother living room.

At my parents house we don’t use a valance anymore. I guess none of the modern house use it anymore. And the curtain are treated differently. These days there are so many variations for window treatment. A vertical curtain, a sun screen, a sunshade and many comes with modern style of type. But in the end it all will get me bored. I like my window without any treatment. I like to gaze through the window all the time, on any weather or any season. I don’t want any curtain preclude my view of the world. It is the first thing I see when i woke up and the last thing I saw when I go to bed. Well, it’s obvious that my grandmother disagree with me. One thing that she agreed is that different people had different style. My grandmother style are a living room curtains with valance, meanwhile i don’t take fancy of it.

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I tell my grandmother that the curtain and the valance will always be my precious memory of her. I like the fact that it was treated in her window. And I love the fact that she found it very special for her. Someday when i had children or even grandchildren I will past this story about the special living room curtain with valance of my grandmother house. She love the idea and so do I.