Living Room Design Ideas for Small Space

Jan 19th

Finding living room design ideas sometimes become difficult when we have just a little space to decorate. Although that is not impossible to design a minimalist yet comfortable, it remains difficult to be realized especially for those who are still unfamiliar with the interior design of the living room. There are a lot of tips on managing a living room with minimalist style home but still it’s not easily applied to the living room. Every house has different sizes of living room that can be designed depend on your need.

If you have a small size living room, you should paint the walls the color of furniture in a balanced composition. Determine the bright color matching for both. A balanced color of your living room design ideas will help it. For example, it will be more convenient if you choose a single color for your wall, because if you apply more than one color it will seem crowded and make the room seem smaller. A touch of bright colors like red or lime green also need to be added so that the living room look more dynamic and interesting. Pretty wall color should be combined with the color of furniture and accessories.

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Because we have a little space of living room, we need a minimalist furniture. For raw furniture such as sofas, tables, and chairs it’s better for you to considering the size of furniture. It should be not too big yet not to simple so the room will seem cold. The furniture better be in a simple design. But still, your living room design ideas is to prioritize the furniture function rather your than design. No need to be too over by adding many ornaments, furniture designed symmetrical enough to reinforce the concept of minimalism in your living room. If necessary you can simply use a small furniture, such as rattan seats that lean or two small sofas combined with transparent glass table. What do you think?