Living Room Designs with Fireplace and TV

Jan 2nd

Living room designs with fireplace come in various styles and themes. Fireplace is used to warm up a space, and create a relaxed atmosphere. Historically, this architectural structure used for cooking and heating water. But today, many people are build a fireplace on their living room to give a nice touch and art presence. Therefore, contemporary fireplace designs become the choice of many people to decorate their modern house, while traditional fireplace designs suited the traditional, rustic and country themed living room.

Now, I wanna give you some suggestions of living room designs with fireplace and TV on one wall. Both fireplace and television are focal points. They instantly become the center of attention since the sofa and chairs usually placed facing the fireplace and TV. You must be careful in determining this fireplace and TV combination if you want to get a truly harmonious look. If you don’t have any plan, the arrangement can be out of scale and unsightly. Size of each vocal point should be carefully considered when figuring out the layout. This is an important step to make a nice and balance decoration.

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For a cohesive look, place the TV above the fireplace and surround them with built-in shelves and cabinets with the same style. Or, you can presenting a sleek combination with a perfectly sized components. Just like before, place the TV directly on top of the fireplace, and use a simple and neat design. Just remember to place the TV low enough so you can watch TV comfortably. You can also place a TV and fireplace side by side or with asymmetrical layout and surround them with full-overlay cabinet’s doors. I hope this article will give you inspirations to add a dramatic touch by creating focal points that demand attention. Do you have ideas about living room designs with fireplace? Let us know!