The Living Room Dining Room Combo Paint Ideas

Apr 7th

Usually the living room and the dining room had different color, but for other reason there are living room dining room combo paint ideas. As we know color had an effect on human beings. For human, we lived and educate by color. So, color aren’t just a light frequency but it also had meanings. And it has saintifically prooved. For example, red color brings tension. On the other hand the green color brings ease to the mind. That is why the living room and the dining room had different color.

Believe it or not there are some colors that can make you feel hungry or eager to eat. That’s why aren’t many succesful restaurant had dominated their color with black, for instance, or grey. That color doesn’t suit for eating. So does the living room. I don’t see many people that painted their living room walls with black and grey. So, what are the best living room dining room combo paint ideas? The basic color are relatively more save for a color. White, for instance, can be perfect for living room or even dining room. White color is relatively had a neutral meaning for every kind of activity. But if you don’t like a basic color, you can also try orange paint for an idea. Orange was a mixed of red and yellow that will bring bright to the living room and also rising your appetite.

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That was just an example. There are many others living room dining room combo paint ideas. Just make sure that the color doesn’t bothered your sight. You had a right to put your own meanings on each color that you chose. It’s your living room and your dining room, no one can prohibited you from how you want to decorate it. I believe you had a better idea about painting on both the living room or the dining room, so please don’t hesitate to tell me what you had in mind.