Living Room and Dining Room Combo

Jan 22nd

Having a living room and dining room combo in one space is quite confusing. In fact, these areas that have different purposes can live within the same walls with a proper furniture placement. Without any partition, these rooms will still look beautiful. First of all, try to buy funiture on the same scale. This will make the room balanced. When you compile all the furniture on the space, don’t make it all too close to the walls. You will leave too much open space in the middle and the room can also look awkward.

Living room and dining room combo can be separated by a piece of beautiful sheer curtain. This curtain will make the room look amazing while also functioning as an insulator. Choose color that match the color scheme you use, and make sure to select the flimsy fabric so that the light will not obstructed. You can also separate the rooms by using two different color schemes for each room. For example, if you are using dark blue, gray, and white for the living room, you can use soft purple and purplish gray for the dining room. Using adjacent colors in the color wheel will allow you to create a cohesive look.

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Remember to use the same theme and design style. Using two different styles to distinguish two different areas in the same space will make it seem very strange. Another possible way to distinguish the living room and dining room combo is to use area rugs. Make sure you choose the rug that has the right size with each area. The last tips is to use glass tables. Whether it’s the dining table, coffee table, or end table. This material will help light move through. By doing so, the room will feel more spacious and open. What do you think? Share your ideas in the column below!