Living Room Theater Portland or Else!

Apr 18th

Have you ever dreamed to have living room theater Portland or a built home theater on your living room? Actually not too hard to make it happen. First let’s imagine how a theater is, high ceilings, carpeted, large sofas and soft and do not forget the audio equipment and a set of home theater of course.

Diane and her husband wanted a living room theater Portland or a built home theater by 29m x 29m that are specific to watch a favorite movie family. Because their families do have hobbies watching movies on the weekends or whenever they have free time to gather with family. They also invited his friends to gather at their homes and they wish their living room would be exactly the place for all of fun activities going on there.

Diane initially only wanted a theater room that is not too shaped like a real theater, but she did not want to lose the things that are essential from a theater such as columns, soffits, comfortable seating, projection screens and lighting. Mike Wilson a home theater design expert has been doing home theater décor. He was already quite tired of decorating with red maroon and gold with starry accessories in the ceiling. Especially for Diane and her husband, of course, that you can emulate too, Mike Wilson pick out decorations with the colors of light brown soil, from sofas, carpets to cabinets that surround the room. He also picked out Bethesda Systems for home theater audio to be installed in the home.

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So the living room theater Portland or home theater at Diane’s home is far from luxurious but things look right according to its function and certainly homey, unlike in the commercial real theater. The sofa was not a personal sofa, but a wide sofa that can be use together in order to impress the family more closely.