Make Your Contemporary Living Rooms

Feb 6th

Contemporary living rooms can be designed as a place where you can relax and entertain visiting family and friends. A bay area homeowner suddenly had a thought to change and make over her house after living for almost 40 years in it. Then he hired a designer whose known as Jean Larette from Larette design to makeover his home with a $20.000 budget. Jean Larette shared how she made a strategic changes in order to create a warm and inviting contemporary living rooms at a website called

The makeover came with a challenge to convince the homeowner that to open up the room and allow light to illuminate, they had to eliminate the heavy wooden plantation. The living room was very dark, so they had the ability to install the lighting in the ceiling to highlight art and overcome its cave-like quality to help the space.

Since the homeowner has been living in that home for almost 40 years, now he needed a new and fresh atmosphere in that house. He wanted to entertain a group of friends in his living room, so he wanted a comfortable room for his friends and also a place to read on his own, and the most important thing was he wanted to have a fireplace with the flick of a switch.

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The makeover began with designing the new fireplace when suddenly they discovered the unbalanced of original design, it’s slightly larger in one side. So, they decided to choose Caesar stone as their material for the hearth and also the mantel and it were able to disguise the imperfection become perfection.

After all, the makeover achieved a beautiful result. It was such a daring job for Jean Larette to makeover the 40 years untouched room to become a good contemporary living rooms. For more result browse deeper on this site.. try on!!