Make Your Own Living Room Paints

Jan 8th

There are some people who would loved their living room paints made into reality. Yes some may argue to use a wallpaper instead. But in my opinion wallpaper doesn’t made for last. It’s like a temporary tattoo, an ordinary printed design that is designed by the factory. You can’t simply make it on your own or personalized it the way you want it. So, painting pictures in a living room wall would be like a tattoo, a real one. That shows who you really are. Moreover the wallpaper had a different kind of feel when you touch it. You know that is pasted to your wall with a particular glue. But a painting and a picture of it is a handmade by an artist or simply by you. So that genuinenes will appear and looks chariming and impressive.

If you ask what kind of pictures that can be painted on your living room wall, the answer will be unlimited. First you must decided what color base that you would have painted. And then the pictures will be a decoration that lit the wall as a central, or you can called it, a soul to your living room. Let’s say you are a big environmentalist for example, you loved the nature so much, so the base color that you chose would be green. And for the living room paints you can paint a palette of green which is the forest or a savanna or else that really mean alot to you.

TRENDING |  Choosing Living Room Paint Colors

It will be better if you make a skecth first. It will be a nice ilustration to see how the pictures will ended up on your wall. But if in the middle of it you had another idea, don’t be affraid to follow it. Because unlike the tattoo that will be hard to erase it from your skin, the pictures that painted on your living room realtively can be easier to removed. So what do you think? Is the living room painting ideas pictures will be something that you choose?