How to Match a Brown Leather Living Room Furniture

Mar 20th

Leather living room furniture is a best choice to make a statement in your living room. To create a warm and natural look in your living room, try a chocolate, cognac or tan, or brown leather as an alternative. The key is how to soften the masculine look of the leather so your living room still has a warm and comfortable feel.

To make a strong contrast in your living room, try to combine the brown leather living room furniture with light shades, so it will make a stand out living room. Try a soft color in order to paint your walls, because dark leather furniture can create a cold and dreary feeling to your living room. To warm up the living room, try a muted terra cotta or gold shade. If you want to use a green tones, brown will also works well with sage.

If the space in your living room feel stodgy and uninviting with the brown leather pieces, vivid color can help liven up the space. The room will feel cozier with the warm tones. If you prefer cooler tones to spice up the room, try to add a kelly green or grape accessories to your curtains, artwork, or throw rugs.

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To avoid a flat look in your living room, try to give the brown leather sofa or arm chair a modern look by adding animal print pillows. Choose an oriental rug to make a library-like look in your living room. Polka dot area rug can use to anchor the seating area or striped curtains to add visual interest to the windows.

A smooth, distinctive texture of leather living room furniture can serve a striking statement piece in your living room. To make a rich room, combined one or two pieces brown leather furniture in another fabric. Create an interesting contrast with a brown to make your living room more interesting.