Modern Living Room Curtains Ideas

Feb 28th

To complete the modern theme of your home, you should get modern living room curtains. Curtains can instantly create the look of a room into a cheerful, glamor, old or modern. So, you have to give the same attention as when you determine the living room furnitures. The first thing you should do is to choose the fabric and color. Use linen, silk, faux silk, and suede for the best curtains. As for the color selection, always adjust the color scheme of the room. I think plain colors are easier to be adapted and they will also bring a modern impression to your living room.

One of the modern living room curtains styles is the crisp look. So make sure to have the curtains fall flush with the floor. The traditional and classic room theme using curtain several inches longer so it will slightly puddled on the floor. Before purchasing curtains, it is better to measure the height of the room in advance. By doing so, you won’t buy curtains that are too long or too short because it will change the impression that you wish. Hang curtains above the window near to the ceiling will create an elegant and sophisticated look. The ceiling will also look much higher than it seems.

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Do you have a bay window? Try  to combine patterned roman blinds with plain color curtains. Go bold by opt for over sized and colorful floral blinds for each window bay, and combine it with plain color curtains in a toning color. Or otherwise, you can use colored sheer fabric roman blinds or panels, and combine it with floral patterned curtains. Light fabric will make the room remains exposed to light during the day and provide privacy at the same time, while the window bay look more attractive with floral patterned curtains. I hope you find a solution to choose the modern living room curtains for your home. Share your opinion on the comment section below.