Old Hollywood Movie Interior Paint Ideas Living Room

Dec 24th

Interior paint ideas living room can get the best result with old Hollywood Movie style. Do you love cinema? Cinema means drama and do the whole decorating with this interior style can create the different look for your living room. Get interest?

Color and design arrangement are one of the most important tricks to get this old Hollywood movie interior paint ideas living room. Pick the right colors for the wall. Red, white, old and dark colors usually will add the drama sense of this old cinema style. Another colors like creams, beige, gold and silver also bring the old era of Hollywood movie. Remember the 30s or 50s style? Beige and silver colors will bring the elegant old-school accent for your living room. Simple but will make a luxury look. Very recommended.

Window treatments also one of the most important elements you have to consider about. You can really bring that 30s, 40s and 50s era and live it truly. Choose thick drapes made of heavy fabrics like velvet or heavy wool can work very nicely to bring an old Hollywood cinema living room interior. With tassels to tie them back in a contrasting color, you can bring Hollywood drama to live truly in your home. Adding tassels to your existing curtains is the easiest way to bring theatre style without having to purchase entirely new window treatments.

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Don’t forget to add vintage paintings or posters of Hollywood stars. Judy Garland, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, there are so many famous Hollywood stars for the paintings you can use. Not only the Hollywood stars, add movie posters with your favorite movie is the best recommendation too. Search the items at flea markets and thrift shops. Make sure you get the best paintings and posters that perfectly fit in with your living room.

Now, you can the best interior paint ideas living room with your old Hollywood movie style. Show your beauty of living room to visitors and make them completely glad with your living room decorating. Feel free to write your experience to us if you completely deal with this fabulous interior style. We want to hear your best story about it!